A tagline is a brief description of yourself that highlights your value as a tutor. The tagline sits at the top of your tutor profile page along with your profile photo, and most likely students or parents make an opinion through the title and whether it’s worthwhile to know more about you or not.

A great tagline allows you to describe yourself in one line which highlights your expertise and area of teaching expertise.

On Begyn, your tagline will show up in the search results page and at the top of your profile page.


Here are a few tips to write a great tagline:

#1 Keep it Short and Simple:

You should be able to describe yourself in one line in less than 12-15 words. For a detailed description of yourself, you have the "About me" description to express yourself. The goal is to highlight what quality, skills, and experience will be valuable for the student. You have to think from the perspective of the student or parent. Anything longer will defeat the purpose of a great tagline.

Here are some questions that can get your brain formulating a great tagline:

Use Keywords That Relates To Your Audience

You may be teaching lots of subjects, but you want to focus on one particular issue or area seriously.

Here are some examples you can take note from, and create your own: